Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and (occasionally) Math.

I create experiences. 

Whether that means programming an LED dress, or hooking motors to a teddy bear, the bounds of normalcy mean nothing to me. I have chosen not to separate my art, tech, and engineering portfolios because I believe they are all intertwined and the same. 


I do a pretty terrible job of updating this page, so I apologize in advance. 


NASA Robotic Mining Competition Robot

I was a mechanical engineer on Case Western's Robotics team, CWRUbotix, my freshman year at CWRU then was elected president my sophomore year. The robot you see here won the best mechanical design at NASA in 2015.

led dress.jpg

36 Hour Build: Programmable LED Dress

This was an MHacks project in the winter of 2016. Each of these LEDs were individually addressable. They were mapped on different sections of the dress, and when the wearer sung a Disney song, we used the Deepgram API to parse the lyrics of the song, and change the dress into the princess being sung.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 11.57.29 PM.png

Placeholder: Disney castle shadowbox

I made this as a Christmas present for another Disney-loving friend. It features a back layer of wood, and 3 spaced layers of laser cut acrylic. The middle layers have a firework pattern laser etched, with colored pigment rubbed into the surface. The castle is cut vinyl.