Dear Friends,

After months of filming, editing, building, designing, and many many cups of coffee, I launched the Youtube Channel Beauty and the Bolt with my friend and colleague Andrew Dupuis.

In the summer of 2016 I reached out to Andrew with the concern that the tutorials put out by CWRU's makerspace, think[box], were too intimidating, especially for first-time makers. We started with the goal of just making video tutorials for think[box], but as we worked on the project we realized just how impactful a youtube channel starring a female maker could be.

As Disney lovers, framing the channel around Belle made the most sense-- she is brilliant, unafraid to be herself, and badass, but also gentle, feminine, and relatable. Thus, Beauty and the Bolt was born.

Our mission is to reduce the barrier to entry into makerspaces and the makerspace movement, as well as subtly change the narrative of what an engineer should look, act, and dress like. Femininity and engineering are not mutually exclusive.

Please enjoy, share, subscribe, and most importantly-- don't be afraid to learn something and try new things!


Love, Xyla

December, 2016